School of Resources and Environmental Science is an intellectually vibrant, research-intensive academic department at the center of Chinese geography. The School has research excellence in its core disciplines, it took several large projects like International joint-research projectsNational natural science fundNational “973” projectsNational “863” Hi-tech projects and Other key projects related to different enterprise .The School comprised six departments which are Department of Cartography and Geoinformation EngineeringDepartment of Geoinformation ScienceDepartment of Environment ScienceDepartment of Environment EngineeringDepartment of Land Resource ManagementDepartment of Resource Environment and Urban-Rural Planning. The School provides 7 Bachelor programs6 Master Programs and 7 doctoral Programs.

At present School have more than 1300 undergraduate students, and approximately 600 graduated students including PhD students. Our school as well offered a high quality of education. There are 32 professors (including 22 doctoral tutor)3 Academicians (guest) 2 Changjiang Scholars and 1 teacher received national award. Our School has always dedicated to cultivate our young teachers. The proportion of young professors at the SRES is relatively high up to 40% than average.

In recent years, the School has obtained great achievements in either teaching or scientific researches. In respect of teaching, the School has obtained one second prize at the national level and two first prizes at the provincial level. In respect of researches, the school has obtained four prizes from the national scientific and technological progress award, 30 prizes from scientific and technological progress award at provincial or ministry level, several national invention awards and eight patens for invention. The GIS software altas 2000 developed in the School comes up top in the testing organized by the National Scientific Committee.

School has established exchanges and cooperation with many world class universities, organizations and enterprises in terms of mutual visits, collaborative scientific research and joint education programs such as 2+2 program for University of waterloo2+2 program for Iowa State University.

The school has the top teaching and experimental center with an area of 1000m2. The center is composed of several sub labs , including the environmental biology lab, environmental chemistry lab, environmental biology lab, land information engineering lab, Geography Lab, Geographic information lab, Digital Mapping Lab, Image and Graphics Output Lab, Network Center and Large Facilities Center.

Students and faculty are full of enthusiasm and attitude of continuous innovation, continue to be subject construction, strengthen the teaching, research, social services and personnel, and strive to build a well-known School.