Physical Geography

Research direction:

1. global change and the regional response;

2. land use, climate change and the environmental effect;

3. the earth’s surface and environmental evolution;

4. soil carbon analysis and evaluation;

5. river basin hydrology , water resource and environment;

6. ecological environment of lakes and wetlands;

Human Geography

Research direction:

1. urban geography and city research;

2. economic geography and industrial planning;

3. regional development and urban-rural planning;

4. regional modeling and remote sensing application;

5. resource, environment and sustainable development;

6. study on man-land relationship areal system;

Cartography and Geographical Information System

Research direction:

1. software development and engineering application of GIS;

2. geographic information visualization and virtual reality;

3. digital map engineering;

4. digital region/city;

5. mass spatial data access technology;

6. application of earth observation technology in GIS;

7. geographic information theory and application;

Map Making and Geographical Information Engineering

Research direction:

1. cartography theory;

2. geographical information visualization;

3. map generalization and multi-scale expression;

4. map culture and art;

5. GIS engineering;

6. spatial analysis and data mining;

7. network map engineering;

8. land information theory and technology;

Environmental Science and Engineering

Research direction

1. environmental chemistry;

2. environmental biology;

3. biomass resources principles and application;

4. environmental planning and management;

5. globe change and regional response;

6. pollution control engineering;

7. environment friendly materials recycling;

8. soil pollution control and remediation;

Land Resource Management

Research direction:

1. land information system and land information engineering;

2. theory and methods of modern cadastre;

3. theory and methods of land resources evaluation;

4. land utilization and sustainable development;

5. land policies and regulations;

6. land security and management;

7. real estate economy;