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Prof: Yaolin Liu

Dean of the School of Resource and Environmental Sciences

Email: yaolin610@163.com Tel: P. R. China +8602768778552

Department of GIS Science

Director: Li Lin Tel:(86) 13871504963 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: lilin@whu.edu.cn

Department of Cartography and GIS Engineering

Director: Ai Tinghua Tel:(86) 13908639199 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: tinghua_ai@tom.com

Department of Resource Environment and Urban-Rural Planning

Director: Lin Aiwen Tel:(86) 13707191591 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: awlin@263.net

Department of Land Resource Management

Director: Pan Runqiu Tel:(86) 13317193040 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: whun020926@vip.sina.com

Department of Environment Science

Director: Zhou Peijiang Tel:(86) 13971517090 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: zhoupjg@gmail.com

Department of Environment Engineering

Director: Wang Zuwu Tel:(86) 13971141333 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: hjgc1891@163.com

Administration Office

Director: Wei Xiuqin Tel:(86) 27-68778762 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: xq_wei@163.com

Division of Lab Center

Director: Zhang Genshou Tel:(86) 13871384289 Fax: (86) 27-68778893

Email: bangkao2006@163.com