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The Sub-forum in SRES of the Wuhan University 4th International Interdisciplinary Forum held successfully

On April 15-16, Wuhan University held the fourth international interdisciplinary forum. The young scholars from around the world gathered here to make a great academic event. On the afternoon of April 15th, nine young talents who worked in the United States, Germany, Britain, Finland, Japan, Singapore and other well-known overseas universities, gathered in our school and communicated with our young teachers to dedicated an international academic frontier exchange.

There were three venues of the Sub-forum in SRES which respectively held by Geographic Information Science, Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering. Dean Professor Liu Yaolin, Party Secretary Professor Peng Yuwen, and Vice President Professor Hou Haobo attended the forum and delivered a speech. Professor Liu Yaolin pointed out that the national employment is currently an important event for China. And the talent introduction has an important impact on promotion of discipline construction and subject competitiveness. Wuhan University attaches great importance to the introduction and training of young talent. The Sub-forum in SRES provided a platform for young scholars at home and abroad, hoping that through interdisciplinary and academic exchanges to collide sparks ideas. In the venues of geographic information science, the scholars elaborated their respective research results around the methods of spatial health care and environmental research, spatial distribution pattern of urban epidemics, human-computer interaction and visualization, three-dimensional spatial change and so on.

In the environmental science venues, young scholars shared their research progress of new materials in the layers of self-assembled multi-functional, chitosan nanofibres LBL, microalgae and nano-metal oxides etc.; In the Environmental Engineering venues, scholars shared their research experience on the technical aspects of capacitive deionization, electrochemical techniques, waste heat recovery technology, energy storage materials synthesis, organic pollutants in water treatment and organic matter degradation etc.. In the applause of teachers and students, the Sub-forum in SRES of the Wuhan University 4th International Interdisciplinary Forum ended successfully.