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Resources and environment remote sensing monitoring

We did a systematic research in resources and environment remote sensing monitoring and got tremendous results in many aspects including water, wet land, atmosphere, land, urban and so on. The results is attracted a wide spread attention on international authorities and medias.

In aspects of water and wet land, we did a systematic research in change of water environment, ecological environment of marshes, and interaction between land and human. The quantity of published SCI thesis about Poyang Lake was in second place of world, and the result was attracted a special attention on many authorities like IOCCG and NASA, which was reported by CCTV as a special subject.

In aspects of atmosphere monitoring, we created an international studies center for satellite remote sensing and atmospheric monitoring, and built a largest laser radar remote sensing observation in Central China. Further more, we published many research achievements papers about aerosol and air monitoring in JGR,RSE, and introduced by The Royal Society of Chemistry on their website.

In aspects of land and urban monitoring, as the advantages of multi-source remote sensing data and multi-disciplinary crossing, we did a long and exact monitoring for Chinese cities with many aspects including land use change, urban expansion, heat-land monitoring etc., and deeply analyzed driving mechanism of the change in land and urban. Some of these results had already used in Chinese land department.