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Mapping movement

Topic: Mapping movement

Lecture: Pro. Menno-Jan Kraak, University of Twente, president of ICA

Time: At10:00am. October23rd, 2016

Place: Room220 School of Resource and Environmental science

Brief introduction of the lecturer:

Professor Menno-Jan Kraak is a Dutch cartographer and professor of Geovisual Analytics and Cartography at the Faculty of Geoinformation Sciences and Earth Observation at the University of Twente. He is known for his work in cartography and his activities in the International Cartographic Association. Currently he is head of ITC’s Geoinformation Processing Department. Since 2015, he is president of the International Cartographic Association. Professor Menno-Jan Kraak published lost of papers and books including Cartography visualization of spatial data, Web Cartography – developments and prospects, Exploring Geovisualization, Mapping Time: Illustrated by Minard's Map of Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812 etc.