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Age of Big Data of time and space: challenge and opportunity

Topic: Age of Big Data of time and space: challenge and opportunity

Lecturer: Professor Wang Jiayao

Time: at 3:00pm. December 12rd, 2016

Place: old library of Wuhan University

Brief Introduction of Professor Jiayao Wang:

Professor Jiayao Wang, born in Wuhan, Hubei, is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous Chinese cartography and geographic information engineering experts. He got his BS degree from PLA Institute of Surveying and Mapping, and elected to be Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2001. He won many important prizes including the first PLA General Staff “people ladder” prize in 1998, the title of national outstanding scientific and technological workers in 2001, and the military major contribution to professional and technical awards in 2002. At present, He is a professor of PLA Information Engineering University, academic committee director of State Key Laboratory of Geospatial Information Engineering, and director of Military Key Laboratory of Military Surveying and Mapping Engineering. In addition, he once was the member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council Discipline Review Group, the advisory committee experts of State Council and the Central Military Commission military product stereotypes Committee, and director of China society of Surveying and Mapping, director of Cartographic and GIS Committee, as well as the advisory committee experts of “810” project.

Prof. Wang’s research interests focus on cartographic theory, digital mapping and military geographic information system. He established the first computer mapping disciplineand military geographic information engineering discipline in China. Moreover, the team lead by him finished strategic, operational and tactical the three levels of military geographic information system development tasks, which are widely used in the field right now. Prof. Wang has published 15 academic books, in which Principle and Method of Digital Map Automatic Generalization, Principle of Space Information System, Principle and Method of Cartography, won first prize in the National College of Surveying and Mapping Class Textbooks, and were used as graduate student teaching material or reference book in many universities. He also won the first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award once, the second prize of National Defense Science and Technology once, as well as the first prize of Military Science and Technology Award up to 4 items.