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Professors and Students of SRES attended 2018 GeoServices-4-Sustainablity (GeoS4S) International Summer School

From July 9th to July 20th, the 3rd GeoServices-4-Sustainablity (GeoS4S) International Summer School was held from July 9th to 20th at Eberwalde University of Sustainable Development, German.

There are about 20 teachers and 50 students from 10 universities which spreading in Europe and Asia’s countries joined the Summer School. Professor Du Qingyun, Li Lin, Ren Fu and Wan You, and 4 graduate students on behalf of SRES attended this Summer School.

The courses of the Summer School included Open Source GIS, Advanced Remote Sensing, Digital Terrain Analysis, Smart City and Healthy GIS. As one of the founding members of the GeoS4S International Summer School, SRES was responsible for the curriculum construction of the Smart City and Transportation. Professor Wan You undertook the teaching of the Smart City. 4 graduate students fulfilled the Summer School and achieved the certification.