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Professor Gilles Mailhot of Clermont Auvergne University (France) visited the SRES

In May 28th, Prof. Gilles Mailhot, Research Director at the Insititute of Chemistry in Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Prof. Marcello Brigante visited the SRES. Prof. Shen Huanfeng, Vice Dean of the SRES, Prof. Mao Xuhui, Prof. Wu Feng, Prof. Jiao Limin and Prof. Li Jinjun attended the meeting.


Clermont Auvergne University (CAU) and Wuhan University have established a long-term corporation involving academic communication, student exchange, research cooperation, etc. During the meeting, Prof. Mailhot introduced Clermont Auvergne Project (CAP 20-25), aiming to promote the multi-disciplinary innovation and integration. This project mainly focused on four subjects: optimizing agroecosystem in the environment, developing technologies in the areas related to human-robot interaction, various intervening factors affecting locomotor capacities and studying disaster risk and socioeconomic vulnerability. At the meeting, CAU and SRES reached a preliminary agreement on further corporation with regard to disaster geography.