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The School of Resource and Environmental Sciences (SRES) is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive school integrating four first-level disciplines which are Surveying and Mapping, Geography, Environmental Science and Engineering and Public Management.  SRES owned 2 national key majors and provincial priority majors (Cartography and Geographic Information System, Mapping and Geographic Information Engineering); 2 first-level provincial key disciplines of Hubei (geography, environmental science and engineering), 1 second-level provincial key major of Hubei (land resource management); 1 national scientific research and training base of geographic science. SRES offers 7 graduate programs (Cartography and Geographic Information System, Mapping and Geographic Information Engineering, environmental science, environmental engineering, land resource management, human geography, and physical geography) and 4 postdoctoral programs. The school has set up four provincial key laboratories and one engineering research center.

SRES enjoys tremendous faculty strength with 30 professors (including 22 doctoral tutors), which including 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 2 Changjiang Scholars, 1 member of the State Council discipline appraisal group, 1 nationally outstanding teacher, and 8 experts that enjoyed the Government Special Allowance. Six young and middle-aged experts have made outstanding contributions at the national and provincial levels. Several teachers hold leadership positions in the International Cartographic Association and other international and national academic groups. Many staff were selected into National “100 million talent project” and “Cross-century talents of MOE”.

The school has been tailing to the frontier of discipline development and integrating the needs of national and social development. After years of effort, the scientific research projects of SRES have been involved in the fields of GIS, land resource, geography, environment and multi-discipline. The school’s research is at the forefront of the country and has a wide range of influences. The research projects are the major and key national projects, and supported by the National Natural Science Foundation. The research funding reached more than 50 million in 2010. In recent years, the school has continuously achieved scientific research excellence. SRES has won 2 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 second prize of National Technology Invention Award and 2 outstanding works of International Cartographic Conference Map. SRES always attached great importance to the construction of laboratories and facilities. The school was in possession of first-level teaching experiment center, GIS Experimental Center, Environmental Science and Engineering Experimental Center and 2 Hubei Province Teaching Experimental Demonstration Center.

The school always insist the people-oriented principle and adheres to the “Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE)” Education of WHU. For years, SRES continuously deepens the teaching reformation, strengthens fundamental teaching, improve students’ quality and ability, encourage individual’s development and strives to cultivate compound talents that meet the needs of modern social development. The school has also won 6 provincial and ministerial awards. Three courses of school were rated as national excellent courses and the geographic information system teaching team won the title of “national teaching team”. The awards our students achieved including “The Challenge Cup”, the national and international mathematics contest in modelling, the championship of the International University of Heroes Debate Competition and 19th World Memory Championships. SRES has more than 1,300 undergraduate students and more than 600 masters and doctoral students.

SRES’s international collaboration with partner universities and institutes has been developed greatly thanks to collaborative research programs, joint education programs, student and faculty exchange programs and etc. SRES’s partners includes ITC and Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Centrale Nantes and Lille University of Technology in France, University of Waterloo in Canada, University of Stuttgart in Germany, Lund University in Sweden and etc. Currently, the school is advancing a joint training program with the Technical University of Munich, Iowa State University and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

SRES is being developed by the way of Discipline founding SRES, Talents invigorating SRES, Research strengthening SRES with the continuous improvement of teaching conditions and the development of education connotation. By strengthening the constructions of discipline, training base and faculty staff, improving the research capacity and quality of talent cultivation, and enhancing the overall strength and core competence. SRES is being established as Chinese featured and world-class School and to devote itself to construct Wuhan University as “Chinese Characteristics, World-Class and World-Renowned Universities”.