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Hubei Key Laboratory Biomass Resource Chemistry & Environmental Biotechnology

Relying on Wuhan University, Hubei Key Laboratory of Biomass Resource Chemistry & Environmental Biotechnology is established with the doctoral program and post-doctoral research station of Environmental Science and Engineering. The laboratory consists of Laboratory of biomass resources chemistry, Laboratory of environmental ecological chemistry, Laboratory of ecological toxicology and environmental biotechnology, Laboratory of pollution control and environment-friendly materials, Laboratory of environmental health, Chitin research and development center of Wuhan University, and Xiaogan College Branch. The laboratory is equipped with 85 teachers and researchers, 5 experimental technicians, and 1 full-time administrator. Among them, 37 are professors, 33 are associate professors and senior technicians, and 56 are doctoral researchers.

With the aggravation of environmental pollution and the awakening and improvement of public environmental awareness, the environmental industry has been paid increasingly attention and is facing the important opportunity to accelerate its development. According to the development trend of resources and environmental science, and in combination with the social and economic development, the laboratory is aimed to: study the theory and technology of biomass environmental-friendly materials; reveal the chemical and biological mechanisms of bioremediation and its ecological and health effects; develop biomass conversion chemicals and environmentally friendly materials; the study of new theory, method and technology and their application on the macroscopic scale. The research of laboratory would provide scientific basis and technical support of the major decision-making of sustainable development and environmental management practice for the national and provincial.