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Delegation Group of SRES Visited UW, Canada

Invited by Professor Jean Andrey, Dean of Environment Faculty of University of Waterloo (UW), Canada, Professor Du Qingyun, Dean of SRES, Professor Shen Huanfeng, Associate Dean of SRES and Professor Ren Fu, Chair of Department of Geographical Information Science and Cartography, SRES visited UW.

      The objective of this visit was to review existing undergraduate 2+2 program, explore the new study abroad program and the possibility of research cooperation.

During the visit, Dr. Bruce Muirhead, the associate Vice-President met the delegation group and introduced the international development and cooperation of UW. After that, Pro. Jean Andrey led a tour of labs of Environment Faculty to the visiting group and hosted the discussion regarding the short-term exchange of graduate, the staff exchange and research cooperation. The delegation group then visited the Sedra Student Design Centre with the company of Dr. Peter Teetstra, the director of centre. The delegation group also met Ms. Michelle Coulombe, the director of Co-operative Education, which is the largest post-secondary co-op program of the world.

Professor Du and the visiting group also met the 2+2 exchange students of WHU and communicated the lecture experience, curriculum articulation and career planning.

The undergraduate 2+2 program between UW and WHU has been successfully going on for ten years. The program aimed to select excellent undergraduate students to study at UW for two years and achieve both diploma from UW and WHU. The program has been one of the most successful education project.