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The information about CET4 and CET6 for undergraduate in first half of 2018

According to the document of National Education Examinations Authority, the second half examination of CET4 and CET6 in 2017 will be held on 15th, December, respectively in the morning and afternoon. Here is the application matters as follow:

1. Qualification

CET4: junior, senior, and sophomore.

CET6: all the students who had passed CET4

Caution: If you had already passed the CET6 twice, than you can not apply it again. The students can only apply in your own school.

2. Fee

CET4 and CET6 (or other languages): 30yuan per one.

3. Procedure

Hand over the application form and test fee to the school before March28th, 2017.

The students who have not digital photos in the school system should hand over a digital photo with 150*200 pixels, jpg, 10K, named by student number and name.


(1) The application information will be handed over to the Provincial Testing Centre in April 7th. Student should pay attention to the information of your application including name, ID number, degree of your test on the websitehttp:// the information can not be revised after April 8th.

(2) After the application time, there is not any chance to reapply or information change.

(3) The student must take student card, ID card, and admission ticket.

(4) All tests are writing examination.