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The School of Resource and Environmental Sciences (SRES) is an integrated school with professions of science, engineering and management. The School is comprised of four first-level disciplines which are Surveying and Mapping, Geography, Environmental Science and Engineering and Public Management, and the disciplines are entitled to grant doctoral degrees and set up stations for post-doctoral research. As the second-level disciplines, Cartography and Geographic Information System and Mapping and Geographic Information Engineering are the national key disciplines and provincial priority majors, Geography and Environmental Science and Engineering are the first-level provincial key majors, and Land Resource Management is the second-level provincial key majors. SRES has one shared national key laboratory and five provincial key laboratories and engineering research center. SRES also has set up national scientific research and training base of geographic science.

SRES enjoys tremendous faculty strength with 40 professors (including 36 doctoral tutors), which including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 1 member of the State Council discipline appraisal group, 1 nationally outstanding teacher, 8 experts enjoyed the Government Special Allowance, and several experts who obtained Changjiang Scholars, National Distinguished Young Scholars and Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. The School has undertaken numerous state-level projects of National Key Research and Development Plan and achieved abundant and excellent high-level research results.  The number of the publications in SSCI, A&HCI, ESI of SRES ranked the forefront in the University, and the contribution rate of ESI discipline development ranked top five in the University.

SRES, benefited from the integration of multi-disciplinary, has cultivated and trained high-quality talents suitable to the fast-developing modern society in the course of modernization construction. The average first employment rate is over 96% and the rate of enrolment and studying abroad is over 65%. The student of SRES has frequently won the metals in The Challenge Cup, international and national level Mathematical Contest in Modeling and other contests. The outstanding students of SRES have won the championship of the International University of Heroes Debate Competition, and 19th World Memory Championships. The alumni of SRES mainly actively work in the government agency, enterprise, universities and research institutions in the fields of Surveying and Mapping, Geography, Land Resource Management and Environment and make positive contributions to the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of ecological environment.

SRES is being developed by the way of Discipline founding SRES, Talents invigorating SRES, Research strengthening SRES with the continuous improvement of teaching conditions and the development of education connotation. By strengthening the constructions of discipline, training base and faculty staff, improving the research capacity and quality of talent cultivation, and enhancing the overall strength and core competence, SRES is being established as Chinese featured and world-class School and to devote itself to the Double-first rate construction of Wuhan University.