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 Prof: Qingyun Du

Dean of the School of Resource and Environmental Sciences

Email: qydu@whu.edu.cn     Tel: 027-68778842

Department of GIS and Cartography Science

Director: Fu Ren  Email: RENFU @ whu.edu.cn    Tel: 027-87664557

Department of Environment Science and Engineering

Director: Xuhui Mao  Email: clab@ whu.edu.cn     Tel: 027-68775799

Department of Geography and Land Resource Management

Director: Jianhua He  Email: hjanh@126.com  

Administration Office

Director: Xiuqin Wei  Email: xq_wei@163.com  Tel:027-68778762

Division of Lab Center

Director: Changgen Zhan Email: cgzhan@126.com  Tel:86-13971673039