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Professor David Allen Visited SRES

In August 24th, invited by department of Environmental Science and Engineering, SRES, Pro. David T. Allen, Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering in the University of Texas at Austin, visited SRES. Prof. Allen is the Director of Institute for Energy and Environment Research, founding editor of ACS Sustainable Chemistry &Engineering, and the member of National Academy of Engineering. His research mainly focused on the city air quality, sustainable system engineering, environmental engineering textbook and training materials development.

Prof. Allen has engaged in air quality research for years, and served as the director of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Advisory Board. He has led multiple air quality management and control projects, which have a significant influence on the policy-making in U.S. Prof. Allen first gave a speech titled Air Quality Impacts of Expanded Oil and Natural Gas Production in the United States to the faculty and students of SRES. In the speech, Prof. Allen compared Chinese energy structure and shale gas distribution to U.S. He also shared the environmental protection policy and measures in the shale gas development, and the achievements on the control of the greenhouse gas emission, the conservation of water resources and the improvement of energy efficiency.

After the speech, Prof. Allen discussed and exchanged thoughts and ideas with SRES and LIESMARS professors about the Environmental Research and Education, and the air quality control and policy-making in Wuhan. Prof. Allen and professors of SRES reached agreement on cooperation.